Discovering Nonduality

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advaita | non-duality | not-two

The real purpose of any spiritual practice is to still the mind. Only when the mind is at rest is the world revealed as it truly is.


I looked for God. I went to a temple and did not find him there. I went to a church and did not find him there. I went to a mosque and did not find him there. Finally I looked in my heart, and there he was. ~ Rumi

If you seek the grace of God with your whole heart, then you may be assured
that the grace of God is also seeking you. ~ Ramana Maharshi

Be still, and know that I am God. ~ Psalm 46:10

My interview on the Fit for Joy podcast. We cover everything from the dream of nonduality to the meaning of love, the location of God, parts work & the multiplicity of mind, and more.